The Delta Strummers ukulele band was formed in 2005 when two couples got together to make music. Ward & Dorothy Pinther and Fritz & Joan Dueming were the founding members. They were joined soon afterwards by guitarist Will Taylor and lifelong ukulele player Lesley Dinette.

Several non-playing singers also joined the group, including Mariel Taylor. Mariel subsequently learned to play the ukulele and played in the band.

The band had several consecutive leaders, and in 2009 co-founder Joan Dueming took on the role. Under Joan’s direction, the Delta Strummers performed at churches and assisted living homes.

Ernie Macintyre, a talented musician, singer, and instrument teacher, conducted tutorial sessions for band members, and was subsequently asked to join the group and take over as Music Director. Ernie was previously Music Director for the Summerset Singers.

Under Ernie’s leadership, the band has grown, both in numbers and musical talents, into what has become an East Bay phenomenon.

A significant part of the growth has come from an active beginner’s program, led by Ernie Macintyre, which provides instruction on how to play the ukulele. After achieving basic playing skills, beginners soon transition to the main band, where further learning occurs during weekly practices.

Many of our performances included hula dancing by Diane Korsten, Nani Lozier, and guest dancer Darlynne Fu.

Our ongoing focus is to enhance playing ability and performance skills, highlight skill players and, above all, have fun.