Sources for clothing worn by The Delta Strummers.

For your convenience we’ve provided links to ordering pages, but please note that it is your responsibility to check that you are ordering the correct style/color and size of shirt.

Public Performance Shirts

Hibiscus shirt
These are the Hawaiian-style shirts worn during our public performances.

Supplier: Aloha Outlet
Use the numeric part of the respective “ID#xxxx” below to search for the garment you wish to purchase, or click the respective ‘order here‘ link. The “manufacturer’s style #xxx” is merely a cross-reference.

Male players wear the Men’s Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Plumeria cotton shirt ID# 11527 (Manufacturer’s style # 410-3162). Order here

Ladies wear the Women’s Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Plumeria cotton shirt ID# 13216 (Manufacturer’s style # 346-3162). Order here

Alternative attire for ladies who do not wish to wear pants:

Hawaiian muumuu, ID# 11463 (Manufacturer’s style # 334-3162). Order here

Hawaiian dress, ID# 11475 (Pacific Legend # 321-3162). Hibiscus Ladies dressThis dress is to be worn with the Delta Strummer’s matching shirt over it. Order here

Before ordering, contact a Board member for how to get a Delta Strummers 10% discount.
Collared Polo Logo Shirts

Polo shirts

Polo shirt – ladies Collared polo shirts are embroidered with an outline of the Delta Strummers logo.

These shirts are available in a variety of colors, and can be ordered directly from our local supplier. Contact:

Discovery Bay Designs,
Tel. (925) 634-5062


Also available from Discovery Bay Designs are hats embroidered with the Delta Strummers logo.