Welcome to the Delta Strummers
Welcome to the Delta Strummers, an amateur group of ukulele players based in and around Discovery Bay and the Brentwood, California area. We are the East County’s one and only ukulele band. We frequently play for senior residences, assisted-living homes, elementary schools, and clubs in the area, in addition to our public concerts.

Under the leadership of Music Director, Ernie Macintyre, the group has grown to almost 60 members in the first half of 2015, adding depth and breadth to our music and singing. We welcome newcomers to the group, so consider playing the ukulele and joining the Delta Strummers.

Photos from our various performances can be viewed by clicking the Photo Gallery link in the menu above. Videos of a number of performances can be viewed on You Tube by browsing to www.youtube.com and searching on ‘Delta Strummers’.

Winter/Spring performances
We had several performances during the Christmas season, including a school and an assisted-living facility.

Click the Calendar tab in the menu above for dates and locations of performances scheduled for 2016.

Ukulele Uprising Concert
An enthusiastic audience joined us as we shared our joy of music and demonstrated the versatility of the ukulele at the Delta Strummers’ Ukulele Uprising concert on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at El Campanil Theatre in Antioch. Our program included numbers from various genres, including ragtime, folk, blues, Hawaiian, rock and roll, and old time foot stompers.

Breakout groups and soloists
Beginning in 2015, our performances have featured several ‘breakout groups’, or small groups of musicians/singers performing one or more songs. These groups include ‘The Garage Band’ and ‘The Ah Capellas’. Several band members are also featured in solo renditions of some songs (playing &/or singing), with the backing of the band.

Group practice
Our weekly group practices are held on Tuesday evenings at Summerset IV in Brentwood. Rehearsals for our Spring season resume on Tuesday, January 12.

Ukulele Lessons
We offer beginning ukulele lessons, led by our Music Director, assisted by a few of our experienced players. Classes are well attended, and participants are able to transition to our main playing group as they achieve some basic skills.

If you wish to learn to play the ukulele, or merely wish to enhance your playing skills, click the Contact Us link in the menu above.

To download the latest edition of the Delta Strummers newsletter, visit the Newsletter link in the menu above.

Navigating this site
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